The blank page, begs to hold the secrets of the soul. It invites words to join together in the creation of stories, songs, and meaningful communications. All of which give us hope and encouragement as we move from one chapter of life to the next.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my days than harnessing the power of words to bring the story of your career to life!

I’ve always had a great love for the written word, so after I left my position as an EA with an innovative, renewable energy manufacturing facility, I launched an executive support firm and quickly turned my focus toward writing words that change lives –that is how Breakthrough Resumes was born. Officially, I am a 20+ year veteran of the career services industry – a career storyteller for emerging leaders and executive job seekers. Simply put, I am a writer. A scribe. A sculptor of words.

As a multi-certified, breakthrough resume writer and career storyteller, I’m on a mission to help executive-level job seekers bring the story of their career to life.

My resumes are: Branded … Easy to read … Informative … Engaging … and ATS friendly.

If you’re ready to unleash your star power and make your resume an interview-winning machine.

If you’re ready to bring your career story to life by going beyond a black and white rendition of your employment history …

We should talk!

Here’s my backstory …

I’ve been in your shoes and I know what it takes to land a new role. I’ve been laid off due to a slow economy and budget cuts. I’ve taken the reins to seek out new employment after a great management team was replaced with new leadership leading to a toxic culture. And, I’ve sought out new challenging roles without tipping my hand.

I am familiar with that overwhelming feeling of dread that washes over your entire being when faced with trying to find a new job. I also understand how time-consuming and frustrating it is to figure out what pieces of your career you should use and what information won’t work for your current career goals.

The job search process taught me that a strategically crafted resume would open the door to more interviews giving me a competitive edge. The same holds true for you!

My career breakthrough came after I left a position as an Executive Assistant with an innovative, renewable energy manufacturing facility and launched an executive support firm. From there, I leveraged my love for the written word and turned my focus toward writing words that change lives –and that’s how Breakthrough Resumes was born.

It took a while, but I finally found my calling. Over the years, I’ve written miles of words –resumes and other job search documents for emerging business leaders and executive-level candidates who want to transition into a new role–transforming the otherwise bland details of your employment history into an engaging narrative that helps you stand out and land a new role faster.

Here we are two decades later and I’m still penning a path to prosperous employment for industry leaders just like you! Helping them go from invisible to the top of the pile by defining their unique value proposition and highlighting their strengths, skills, and expertise –making it easy for their target employer to quickly grasp who they are and why they are the answer to their prayers!

You don’t have to struggle with crafting your own resume. As your career storyteller, I will

… help you gain clarity, confidence, and control of your job search from day one.

… help you identify your strengths and unleash your star power to help you reach your  job search goals faster.

… help you articulate your unique value proposition via a branded resume, cover Letter, executive bio, and LinkedIn profile.

I hold six certifications, including, Certified Career Storyteller and  Certified Executive Resume Master (one of 25 worldwide). I’m working on my debut novel –a contemporary tale about how our darkest days can lead to our biggest breakthroughs.

 I love my job and being able to equip executive-level job seekers with the right words to showcase their most marketable skills and best-selling points.