The blank page

begs to hold the secrets of the soul. It invites words to join together in the creation of stories, songs, and meaningful communications. All of which give us hope and encouragement as we move from one chapter of life to the next.

We can fill

the blank page with words of our choosing. Words that reflect our hidden desires, our broken dreams, or facts and figures that help us seal a deal or breakthrough to our next opportunity. Words, my friend, have power.

I’ve always had a great love for the written word,

so after I left my position as an EA with an innovative, renewable energy manufacturing facility, I launched an executive support firm and quickly turned my focus toward writing words that change lives –that is how Breakthrough Resumes was born. Officially, I am a 20+ year veteran of the career services industry – a career storyteller for executive job seekers and ghostwriter for other resume writing firms. Simply put, I am a writer. A scribe. A sculptor of words.

I love writing,

and God, and horses. To be clear, not in that order. I’ll let you, dear reader, guess the right one.

My path to a career in writing

has been a bumpy one. My love for words –BOOKS! –began in my pre-school years. If memory serves me, I could read when I was four. Mother Goose and Dr. Seuss. I also have memories of sitting by the creek behind my parents’ house and writing in a notebook. One of my first stories opened with, “His high blood pressure was unusually low.” (Hey, we all have to begin somewhere, right? And, I think I was eleven years old.)

The memory

that is the clearest, is of me sitting in a high school typing class (ya’ll call this keyboarding now) next to classmate, Angie Wheeler. Rather than typing out the boring keystroke combinations, I would type stories. How does Angie fit into this? One day she said, “You know, you should be a writer.” How very prophetic of her and how I wish I would have grasped ahold of her insight way back then. It would have saved me from working retail (wasn’t a fan of the hours), selling cosmetics via an MLM (epic failure), and providing administrative support (was laid off) and then executive assistance (loved it) for management within two separate manufacturing environments. More than likely, I would not have held the position of athletic director for a local school (yeah, not doing that again) either. Working a set number of hours each week with two kiddos, didn’t excite me; therefore, my husband and I decided that I would be a stay-at-home- mom. I’m not one to sit for long and within 12-months we launched my business. Without my husband, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Twenty-some years later,

I am thrilled to continue writing words that change lives. I am a Certified Executive Resume Master (one of 25 worldwide) and I’m working on my debut novel –a contemporary tale about how our darkest days can lead to our biggest breakthroughs. I’m excited to finish my book and get it into the hands of readers everywhere!
Stay tuned …